Youth Ministry

The St. Christopher’s Youth Ministry is intended for young Catholics who seek meaning and purpose for their lives as they get closer to God through a deep life of prayer. The focus of the Youth Ministry is Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, the Eucharist, as we have Holy Adoration every time we meet. The ministry also has sacred parish activities, sports, social, arts and crafts, Bible talk, music, board games, and fun trips to amazing places which encourages the youth to enjoy quality time with their peers by sharing their faith and building community.

The ministry contains three age groups:

1. Junior High students (Meeting dates TBA)

2. High School students—Freshmen in college (Meeting every Saturday, 6:00 to 9:00 PM in the Cafeteria)

3. Young Adults and up (Meeting in the Adoration Chapel every second Thursday of the month and every last Thursday of the month in the main Church, followed by a social gathering at a restaurant, museum, theater, or any other place of our choice)

For more information, you can reach Sara Santana at:


St. Tarcisius

Patron Saint of Altar Servers

O God, You have graciously called me to serve You upon Your altar. Grant me the graces that I need to serve You faithfully and wholeheartedly. Grant too, that while serving You. may I follow the example of St. Tarcisius, who died protecting the Eucharist, and walk the same path that led him to Heaven.

St. Tarcisius, pray for me and for all servers.


St. Tarcisius Feast Day is August 15th

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Please check in the Sacristy to see if you are needed to fill in from the pew.

(A) – Anniversary (N) – Nuptial (W) – Wedding

(FC) – First Communion

(LH) Lower Hall, (PC) Parish Center

* New Server