The clergy and staff of Saint Christopher’s Parish congratulate all engaged couples as they celebrate their love and plan to receive the sacrament of marriage!

The first step in planning a wedding at Saint Christopher’s is to contact the Parish Office to schedule an interview with one of our parish priests. The interview offers an opportunity for couples to review all the wedding planning details and set a date for the wedding. Important note: Receptions should not be booked until the interview has taken place. Couples should schedule an interview at least six months in advance of their desired wedding date.

The sacrament of marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, offering brides and grooms the grace and blessing of God, which will be necessary in building a relationship of love that will endure and produce great fruits. More than a contract, the sacrament of marriage is a covenant, the highest form of relationship between two persons. Catholic men and women who wish to be married should be married in the Church and receive the sacrament. Marriage by judge or non-denominational minister does not carry the same weight as a sacrament and is not recognized by the Catholic Church. Those couples who have already been married by a judge or non-denominational minister are still able to receive the sacrament of marriage through an easy process known as convalidation. These couples can schedule an interview with one of our parish clergy to discuss details.

Please contact the Parish Office with any questions: (516) 223-0723.