Baptism is the gateway to a relationship with God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With hearts of joy and gratitude to God for the gift of a new baby, parents eagerly look forward to sharing faith and God’s blessings with their newborn boy or girl.

Baptism is a washing away of original sin, an anointing as a beloved son or daughter of God, membership in the Church, a connection with the saints in heaven, and the first step in the journey of faith, grace, and salvation in Christ. It is the greatest gift parents can give to their child.

The first step in having your baby baptized at St. Christopher’s is to call the Parish Office to schedule a pre-baptismal interview. At that the interview, the priest or deacon will discuss with you all the things necessary for preparation and will take down important information.

The second step in the baptism process is for parents to attend a baptismal preparation class held here at the parish. If the parents have already attended a class for another child in the recent past, it may not be necessary to attend the class.


The third step is the baptism itself. Parents, godparents, and other family members are invited to be present for this special moment in the life of the child. Generally, baptisms happen on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, at 1:00PM–speak with your priest or deacon about available dates.

Typically, parents have their child baptized within one year of birth.

Godparents must be active, practicing Catholics, over the age of 16, who have received the sacrament of confirmation, and are in good standing with the Church. Parents are allowed to choose one godmother and one godfather. Godparents will act as spiritual mentors for the child.