A Message from Fr. Johnny:

Dear Parishioners & Friends, 

When we started planning the feast, our main objective, for this year, was to bring our parish community together, after all this time that we have been away from each other due to covid. Now that we have celebrated the feast, I can very well say, God is good and helped us achieve this goal. We had a great time, with so many people coming out, meeting each other, sharing good company, and good food. We were blessed with great weather and above all we were blessed with so many hard working and great volunteers. So for all that we have been through these days of the feast, I want to thank God, first and foremost. 

I would like to also thank the committee that was chaired by Mike Cecere, and supported by Paul, Joanne and Joyce. Along with every organization, their leaders and members, and to the whole group of hard working parishioners, who all volunteered their time and talent in putting together every detail of the feast from the time of building to breakdown. You have all done a great job and for all your hard work, I thank you. God bless you and your families. 

Let us continue to relax and enjoy the summer. 

Fr. Johnny

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